Traverse Vigilis 2 in 1 Helmet with Mini Visor


2-in-1 ultimate lightweight sports helmet, shred the slopes and ride the roads with two sets of inner pads and removable ear flaps!
Easily personalize the fit to your head with the adjustable dial on the back of the helmet for a safer fit.

  • Equipped with fleece snow cap and earmuffs to keep you warm, dry and protected and 14 vents to regulate your body temperature

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There are few things as versatile as this Traverse helmet. Shred the slopes in the snow with our fully formed, lightweight helmet. It’s certified with an ABS exterior and an EPS interior. The front mini visor is shaped to accommodate ski goggles and there’s a clip on the back to secure them. The inside is lined with a fleece netted cap to wick away moisture and keep you warm. The mesh material improves ventilation throughout the helmet while the embroidered logo is just there to look fancy. The earmuffs are warm, protective, and removable and have a zipper pocket for headphones. This helmet has 14 vents: 6 on the top, 6 in the front, and 2 in the back. The vents are designed to keep you dry and your body temperature regular. There are two additional layers inside of this helmet. A wire mesh provides more structure while a cloth mesh helps to transfer and evaporate sweat.


The perfect perennial outdoor sport accessory for everyone. We love being active. Being active is in our DNA. Accordingly, we’re pleased to announce the dissolution of seasonally prohibitive sports helmets! Ski in the snow, Bike in the sunshine, Do it all in the same helmet.

“Snow helmet earmuffs include zippered pocket in the back to insert headphones or speakers.”

Designed with You in Mind

Flexible Fit:

Traverse Helmets are adjustable in every which way. Twist the dial on the back to tighten or loosen the fit for ultimate protection and a more even distribution of pressure for long term comfort.

Climate Control:

The vents positioned inside and outside this helmet encourages superior airflow. Stay dry and warm exactly when you need to.


The helmets are adaptive enough to fit nearly every sized head, which is why we’re able to offer only two sizes. Pick a small/medium if your head measures anywhere from 54-58 cm and a large/x-large if your head measures from 56-60 cm. (You can confirm you received the right size by examining the cloth tag beneath the fleece cap.)

It's a Snow Helmet!

Plush Interior

It's a Bike Helmet!

Interchangeable Foam Inserts

Bike Helmet Interior Foam

Cycle Insides

Effortlessly remove the earmuffs and netted cap and install the extra spongy foam padding for a comfortable fitting bicycle helmet. Your ultra-warm ski helmet is now a low-profile cycling and skating helmet.

Easy Breezy

14 vents strategically placed around the helmet stimulate thorough air ventilation, wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature.

No Chaffed Chins Here

A soft padded cushion is secured on the smooth nylon strap and rests under your chin. Ride hard, day or night, winter or summer, and avoid scrapes.

Designed for Adventures

Slide the strap of your goggles into the clip on the back and push them up onto the built-in micro-visor without losing them.

The Pinnacle of Safety

The helmets have passed all the rigorous safety tests. The ABS hard exterior is durable and heavy-duty for ultimate protection.

This helmet is easily customizable for a perfect fit. Turn the red adjustable dial clockwise (all the way to 11!) to tighten and turn it counterclockwise (all the way to 1?) to loosen. The chinstrap is also adjustable and has a super soft cushion, so you won’t get chafed. Be smart, be safe, be comfortable. But wait! There’s more! Convert this snow helmet into a skate/bicycle helmet in a matter of seconds. Remember how we said those earmuffs are removable? Simply unsnap them, remove the fleece netted cap, and install the foam padding. 2-in-1. See? We weren’t kidding about this being the ultimate helmet.

Weight 1.5 lbs

S/M (54-58 cm) / L/XL (56-60 cm)

Package Height

8.5 x 9 x 13 inches

Shipping Weight

3 pounds


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